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I want an icon of Jean Grey and Scott from an episode of x-men evolution. I don't remember the name of it but I know the story by heart.

Jean Grey is starting to hear noises. It turns out she is able to hear what people are talking about from a distance and she's able to read their thoughts. Her powers are increasing and she's unablt to control them. Then professor x is trying to help her out but she completely loses control. Professor X's room is all in shambles and everything is broken. With the power she rises into the air and throws everything away. X-men are set to help her out. Rogue touches her and takes her power while Scott tries to calm her down. He tells her, 'nobody will ever be to understand you better than I do.' It gets over. Scott asks Rogue why she did it for Jean when she doesn't even like Jean. Rogue says because she knows that in her place Jean would have done it for her too. In the end, Scott gives Jean roses who remembers nothing about the whole thing. She laughs and says that the best thing she likes about Scott is.. 'nobody has been able to understand me better and nobody ever will.'

I want an icon of the last scene with Jean and Scott together.
If anyone has it/anyone can make it, I will be very grateful. If not, thanks for reading anyway! :)
X-men evolution RULES!

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